HOPE Lives Here: Recap

HOPE Lives Here: Recap

Thank you for investing your time and supporting Tacoma Community House’s HOPE LIVES HERE Annual Luncheon!  With over 470 friends and supporters in attendance, you enabled us to raise $135,500 in support of the services of Tacoma Community House and the REACH Center. We could not be more thankful for our community!

I think you will agree, that it was quite a celebratory and an emotionally charged hour. I applaud all of our guest speakers (live and on video) who courageously shared their personal journeys. Their collective voices are a testament that HOPE LIVES HERE at Tacoma Community House.

Once again, I thank you for standing with us and bringing hope to those most in need!

With gratitude,

Aimee Khuu (she/her/hers) Executive Director 


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