At no point in recent history have TCH’s programs for immigrants and refugees been more in demand or more needed.

To better serve our clients and allow for growth, we have embarked upon an exciting $13.6M initiative to construct a new two-story building.

We’re almost there, but we need your help!

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Why does TCH need a new building?

TCH’s facilities are not adequate to meet current demand for services, nor do they offer sufficient space to accommodate our projected short‐ and long‐term increase in demand:
  • Clients must wait 6-10 weeks or more for immigration services, with no space for additional staff.
  • Domestic violence victims have no private space in which to receive confidential counseling.
  • Employment workshops can only be offered when other classes are on break, due to a lack of classroom space.
  • Students have no space to study and/or rest between classes.
  • Community members cannot access space to hold meetings or gatherings.

Campaign Progress

Individual and Foundation Gifts/Pledges as of January 29, 2019

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  • Capital Campaign Leadership

    Campaign Cabinet

    Co-Chair – Cathy Brewis, Community Volunteer
    Co-Chair – John Folsom, Community Volunteer

    Sharon Benson, Windermere Professional Partners
    Jenni Browning, Community Volunteer
    Peter Darling, Community Volunteer
    Joseph Diaz, Assistant Attorney General of WA State
    Sok-Khieng Hardy, Partner, Davies Pearson
    Brittany Hobson, Brown and Brown Insurance
    Neel Parikh, Community Volunteer
    Clare Petrich, Commissioner, Port of Tacoma
    Lyle Quasim, Community Volunteer
    Molly Regimbal, Community Volunteer
    Kent Roberts, Community Volunteer
    Greg Tanbara, Tacoma/Pierce County Health Department
    Wayne Williams, Community Volunteer
    Clay Zhang, Owner, Real Estate Investment Company

    Campaign Advisors

    Lea Armstrong, Community Volunteer
    Pamela R. Mayer, Community Volunteer
    Kathy McGoldrick, Community Volunteer
    Pamela Transue, President Emeritus, TCC
    Dr. William T. Weyerhaeuser, Community Volunteer

    Honorary Campaign Advisors

    Joe and Carol Stortini, Owners, Joeseppi’s Restaurant
    Robert Yamashita, Former TCH Executive Director

    Campaign Consultant

    Laura Edman, Alford Group

    Honor Roll 

    We are so grateful to the following individuals and foundations for supporting the Campaign as of February 06, 2019

    Gretchen Adams
    Darrel and Dottie Addington
    David and Sally Alger
    Kohl Anderson
    Anonymous (17)
    Lea Armstrong
    Ron and Barbara Asahara
    Godwin Asemota
    Bamford Foundation
    Steve and Mary Barger
    Daniel and Miriam Barnett
    Delia Batalao
    Bates Family Foundation
    Carol Begert
    Michael Begert and Annette Clear
    Rich and Leslie Begert
    Sono Nishimura Begert
    Karen E. Bellamy
    Ben B. Cheney Foundation
    Barry and Sharon Benson
    Krista Berry
    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    Bingham Pahl Family Fund of the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation
    Carolyn Bjerke
    Kenneth and Sally Bose
    James and Donna Boulanger
    Michael Brandstetter
    Cathy and Greg Brewis
    Jane Brosius
    Brown & Brown Insurance of WA
    Jenni and Chris Browning
    Diane Bruckner
    Mark and Margaret Bubenik
    Betty Butler
    Sharon and Robert Camner
    Barbara Campbell
    Cannon Family Fund of the Greater
    Tacoma Community Foundation
    Richard and Frances Carr
    Les and Mary Lou Cathersal
    Mary Chaffee
    Rev. Larry (dec.) and Rev. Bonnie Chandler-Warren
    Rocio Chavez de Alvarado
    Anthony L-T Chen, MD, MPH and Shin-Ping Tu, MD, MPH
    Mary Chikwinya
    Cami Chouery
    Kwang and Michiko Chough
    City of Tacoma
    Danna and Mike Clancy
    Tim Close and Jeana Hawkes
    John and Joanne Coleman Campbell
    Mary Elizabeth Collins
    Columbia Bank
    Commencement Bank
    Annie Conant
    Jack and Angela Connelly
    Patty and Pat Coogan
    Yana and Robert Cosme
    Richard and Frances Kay Coulter
    Dave and Florence Covey
    Tom and Carmen Croppi
    Anne Crowley
    Martha Curwen
    Barbara and John Dadd Shaffer
    Bruce and Lauren Dammeier
    Peter and Ann Darling
    Jim and Nancy Davis
    DeFalco Family Foundation
    Joe and Valentina Diaz
    Tom Diehm and Tom Davis
    Amy C. Diehr
    Elizabeth Diffendal
    Shirley Dilger
    Dimmer Family Foundation
    A. Corinne Dixon
    Patricia Dodson
    Kathleen and Douglas Dorr
    Carol and Anthony Dougherty
    Bill Driscoll and Lisa Hoffman
    Bob and Sue Drury
    Mike and Liz Dunbar
    Joan and Jerome Durbin
    Employees Community Fund of Boeing
    Kathryn Everett
    Shanna Faulkenberry
    Natalya and Viktor Fedorets
    Jacob Fey
    Dennis Flannigan
    John and Buzz Folsom
    Becky and Gary Fontaine
    Bruce and Paula Foreman
    The Fred Goldberg Family Foundation
    Brett Freshwaters
    Annette and Roland Funk
    Kelly Furtado
    Jeff and Betsy Gellert
    Dr. William (dec.) and Andrea Gernon
    Elizabeth (dec.) and Lee Gingrich
    Ann and Norm Gosch
    Doris Graber
    Michael and Kathy Grabowski
    Steve and Wendy Gray
    David Graybill

    Kate and Henry Haas
    Noel and William Hagens
    Nancy and Mark Haley
    Dale G. Hall and Susan Russell Hall
    Wendy Hamai and Henry Stoll
    Arrie and Scott Hanson
    Tyler and Sok-Khieng Hardy
    Maria and Steve Harlow
    Kathi Hiyane-Brown and Robert Brown
    Corey and Kelli Hjalseth
    William and Brittany Hobson
    Minh-Anh Hodge
    Hokold Foundation
    Sandy and Harry Holliday
    Stephanie Hopkins
    Tom and Judy Hosea
    Audra Hudson
    Hunt Family Charitable Fund
    Denny Hunthausen and Michelle Bullinger
    Somchith Huong
    Ronda Ann Jacobson
    Christian Jensen
    Laurie Jinkins and Laura Wulf
    Arlene Joe and Richard Woo
    Billie and Ted Johnstone
    Woodrow and Virginia Jones
    Kaiser Permanente Washington
    Robert and Nancy Katica
    Bruce and Sara Kendall
    The Klorfine Foundation
    Julie Kramer
    Paul and Denise Kuhn
    Clara K. Ladd
    John and Patricia Lantz
    Roberta and Gary Larson
    Sandy Lawrence
    Audra Laymon
    Ed and Paula Lazar Family
    Kathy LeFurgey
    Leon Leonard
    Randy and Joyce Lert
    Dorothy Lewis
    Jim and Rusty Lewis
    Debbie Lind
    Priscilla Lisicich and David Haapala
    Becky Lister
    Little Family Charitable Fund
    Lloyd Silver Fund of the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation
    Georgia Lomax
    Merritt D. Long and Marsha Tadano Long
    Mary Loovis
    Cynthia Lorch
    L.T. Murray Family Foundation
    Elizabeth Lufkin
    Adele Lum
    Lu-Wong Foundation
    James and Simone Lynch
    James and Janet MacDonald
    Jean and Dick Madson
    Hoa Mai and Khanh Le
    Julie Malgesini
    Paul and Lesia Many
    Joe and Gloria Mayer
    Pamela Mayer
    J.J. McCament
    Conor and Kathryn McCarthy
    Bruce McDowell and Karen Harding
    Kathleen McGoldrick
    Helen McGovern-Pilant and George Pilant
    Margy McGroarty Endowment Fund of the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation
    Mike and Peggy McKasy
    Linda McKeag
    Charlene McKenzie
    Kristine and Peter McLean
    Douglas and Janice McLemore
    The Medina Foundation
    Rick Meeder and Sue Barrett
    Mexico Magico
    Kerrisan Meyer and Jason Gauthier
    Danielle Mijo-Burch
    Karen and Wain Miller
    The M.J. Murdock Trust
    Kevin Moran
    James and Patricia  Morton

    Greg and Mei Mowat
    MultiCare Health System
    Jeanne Munro
    James and Vicki Murphy
    Kim and Cindy Nakamura
    Neil Walter Company
    New Markets Tax Credits
    Linda Nguyen and Eric Hahn
    Linh Nguyen
    Laure and John Nichols
    Laura and Gary Nicholson
    The Norcliffe Foundation
    Philip and Helen Nordquist
    Sarah E. Nuñez
    Alisa and Craig O’Hanlon
    Lorrain Oill
    David and Dina Okimoto
    Isaac Olson
    Rick and Kathleen Olson
    Thomas and Pamela Osborne
    Ostrom Mushroom Farms

    D & M Paly
    Neel Parikh and Patricia Guy
    Diana Parra
    Therese and Steve Pasquier
    Darren Pen
    Clare Petrich
    Pierce County
    Frances Posel
    Paul Purcell and Barbara Guzzo
    Lyle Quasim and Shelagh Taylor
    Lucille and Darrell Reeck
    Leo and Debbie Regala
    Molly and Joe Regimbal
    Teri Reid
    Claude Remy and Dr. Claire Spain-Remy
    Bianca Reynaga
    William and Dorothy Rhodes
    Stephen and Jennifer Rich
    David and Anne Richardson
    Kent and Linda Roberts Fund of the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation
    Bill and Della Robertson
    Laura Romero
    Sharon Russell
    Rafael Saucedo
    Jason and Jessica Scales
    John and Rosemary Scales
    Henry Schatz
    Susan Schreurs
    Judith Schuler
    Pamela Schuler
    Douglas and Lisa Ann Schwab
    Clara Sciortino
    Karen Seinfeld
    Leslie Sherriff
    Pat Shuman and Dave Edwards
    Julie Skirko
    Sara Slater
    David and Colette Smith
    Roger Soukup
    Sandra Spadoni
    Wes Stanton and Kathy Bogue
    Kirk and Janie Starr Fund of the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation
    State of Washington Building Communities Fund
    Col. Willie C. Stewart, USAR Retired
    Marirogel Stiffler
    Joe and Carol Stortini
    William and Bobbie Street
    Dean Sugimoto
    Sunderland Foundation
    Tacoma Community House
    Barbara and Gregory Tanbara
    George and Kimi Tanbara (dec.)
    Cathy Tashiro and Carl Anderson
    Karen Thomas
    Thompson Family Fund of the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation
    Sybille and George Tomlin
    Jeff and Sheri Tonn
    Ruth Tooley
    Dr. Pamela Transue and Dr. Stuart Grover
    Michael A. and Mary Jo (dec.) Tucci
    Signe and Jan Twardowski
    United Methodist Women
    Kitty Ann Van Doorninck
    Nicholas and Alex Van Putten
    Kathryn Van Wagenen Bryan
    Beverly Vari
    Abigail Vizcarra Perez
    Svetlana Waer
    Deedra Walkey
    Estella Wallace
    Art Wang
    Latasha Ware
    Sulja and Frederick Warnick
    Bob and Juanita Watt
    Gail Watters
    Lewise Weinstein
    Jeanne Werner-Spaulding
    John and Audrey West
    Whitney Memorial United Methodist Church
    John and Lesa Wiborg Endowment Fund of the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation
    Audrey Williams
    Eric Williams
    Wayne Williams
    Donald and Lucinda Wingard
    Stephen and Sharon Wischmeier
    Dr. John and Teri Woo
    The Woodworth Family Foundation
    LaTasha Wortham
    Rev. David Wright and Dr. Peggy Hannon
    Robert and Michie Yamashita
    Karen Yokota Love
    JoAnn Yoshimoto
    Jan Yoshiwara
    Peg and Rick Young Foundation
    Stuart and Dori Young
    Clay Zhang and Diane Bai
    Lucy Zhou and Zheng Ge