Choose Hope (Year End Campaign)

Choose Hope (Year End Campaign)

Dear TCH Family,

Over the past 12 months, TCH has experienced a dramatic influx of Ukrainian refugees due to the unprovoked invasion of their country. More than 230 individuals, not counting 400+ family members, are enrolled in English classes seeking employment and immigration services. Many have found shelter through the generosity of the Slavic communities in Pierce County and monetary assistance through TCH’s Ukrainian Relief Fund.

One family in particular, Viktor Kovaliov and Dana Kovaliova, were selected as the beneficiaries of a year-long, rent-free apartment at KOZ Development, made possible through a partnership with Tacoma Housing Authority, retired CEO Michael Mirra, and friends. TCH is providing Victor and Dana with free educational, employment, and immigration services, and case workers assisted Viktor with his work authorization forms. He is now working at the Port of Tacoma making a living wage.

To further assist refugees, like Viktor and Dana, TCH hired four additional ELA teachers, a Ukrainian Resource Navigator, and an Immigration Case Worker. Both the navigator and case worker are originally from Ukraine and are multilingual.

Viktoriia Tkachov, Ukrainian Resource Navigator, assists clients by reducing communication barriers, providing integration resources, and performing outreach to the existing Ukrainian community in Pierce County. Svetlana Waer, Immigration Specialist, assists clients with immigration status and resources.

Like so many refugees fleeing persecution, Viktor and Dana are everyday people seeking safety. They are resilient and strong, and they hope to build a new life, live in a democracy, get an education, and reconnect with family. So, I ask you, are you willing to CHOOSE HOPE and support our brothers and sisters? Do you stand for social justice?

If so, please join me by making a contribution to Tacoma Community House!


Jason Scales | Interim Executive Director

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