Hire a Qualified Job Seeker

Photo by Dane Gregory Meyer

Our employment team is dedicated to meeting the staffing needs of community employers in the Puget Sound region. We provide access to hundreds of qualified applicants, who’ve all worked with a member of our employment team to learn how to attain and retain a job and new work skills. We provide wraparound services and address other areas of life such as housing, transportation, life skills, and more.

Trainings we host equip our candidates with the skills they need to be competitive in today’s labor force. We provide free applicant match services for employers and our employment team commits to:

  • Match qualified applicants for your company based on open positions
  • Conduct a Washington State Patrol Background Check
  • Assist participants with any paperwork related to new employment

After job seekers gain employment, we provide long term support for participants, as well as our business partners. Our employment team follows-up at the 30 day/60 day mark and can provide support/retention services.

If you are interested in hiring a qualified candidate, contact our Job Developer Paul Many.