Marcia’s Story

Marcia’s Story

“You are in the right place”

My decision to move to Washington took me around six months. Just thinking about it made me scared about what my future will be, or if I could get a job, or if I will learn fast English to survive. So, I had many questions in my mind (and too many questions are still there), but finally, I moved to Washington in August of 2021. I lived in Puerto Rico for the last six years. I’m from El Salvador and I left my country in December of 2016. This is the reason why I was afraid to start over again. It is not easy to move your life to another country, where you don’t know too many people, where you don’t know the culture or where you don’t have your family. I adjusted easily in Puerto Rico because I speak Spanish, but living in the United States the language it’s a real challenge. The experience of living in another country helps you to grow as a human. You know your strengths, your weaknesses and you are aware of who you are. Living in another country is a great experience.

When I arrived in Washington, I focused on organizing my life, having positive thoughts and not wasting time. My first week here I did research on how to continue my English studies and also where I could do it. My mind was a mess with a lot of information that I couldn’t understand. Finally, I found in my internet research Tacoma Community House (TCH) and I decided to send an email (because I didn’t have the courage to talk to the help line). When I received the answer about the enrollment information, I realized: This is true! I will get it! I felt so happy because my main goal nowadays is to study and improve my English everyday.

I started the enrollment process, I had the speaking, writing, reading and listening tests. Everything was so professional, I felt comfortable with the process to start my English classes. Tacoma Community House (TCH) services are inclusive; they are a kind staff. Also, my current teacher is committed to teaching us different ways to learn English.

I can say, my experience at TCH is excellent. I’m feeling supported by this institution. I’m an immigrant but I’m not alone in this city because I found a group of humans committed to our people. I’m grateful and proud to be a student of TCH. Also, thanks to my English lessons, now I have new friends in the USA from different countries and cultures. That’s amazing! TCH is a great network to connect with different services and good people.

I’m positive about my future, because I’m building it right now. I feel more confident to understand and speak English (better than the first day when I got my first job in the USA). I believe no matter what, you need to work with your heart to get your goals and your dreams. You’re in the right place right now. Just live the present and do it!

At Tacoma Community House, we love seeing the success stories of our many clients/students. We grateful to Marcia to share her amazing story & experience at TCH. Special shoutout to her instructor Christian as well as the incredible team in our Education Department!

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