TCH Welcomes New Financial Counselor, in Partnership with Sound Outreach

Tacoma Community House is a United Way Center for Strong Families, which means we are part of a larger network of innovative institutions that have employment coaches and financial counselors to help ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) adults in Pierce County achieve their financial goals.

In support of this mission, TCH has added a new Financial Counselor, Diana Parra, to our team. Parra, whom we share with our longtime community partner Sound Outreach, comes to us with valuable knowledge and experience working with adults in vulnerable situations. She is bilingual in English and Spanish, previously served on TCH’s Advocacy team assisting victims of crime, and is the current Vice-Chair of Tacoma’s Commission on Immigrant and Refugee Affairs.

For now, Parra will work exclusively with existing clients in TCH’s childcare and nursing assistant employment programs. Over time, she hopes to expand services to all TCH Employment clients, and then to our other programs – Education, Immigration, and Advocacy – as well.

“Most people who have jobs in Pierce County are still struggling to make ends meet,” Parra says. “I am here to help TCH clients learn how to manage their resources and achieve long-term goals.” Goals will vary from person to person, but could include improving a credit score, finding a better job, creating a household budget, or figuring out a savings plan.

“I am not here to meet with people one time,” Parra says. “We want to be an asset to our clients and actually change and shape their life, not just hand off information.” She expects to build relationships with clients over a longer period (3-5 years) to help them achieve 7XX/26/3, which is a guideline that Sound Outreach created based on what a family of two adults and two children (one infant and one school-aged) needs to be financially stable and self-sufficient:

  • a credit score of 700 or higher,
  • a combined household income of $26 per hour,
  • and savings totaling 3 months of income.

Though Parra cannot take walk-ins, she urges people to contact Sound Outreach at (253) 593-2111 or to request a free financial counseling appointment!