For questions or to make an appointment for services, please call  (253) 383-3951 (extensions listed below).

For e-mail, click on a staff member’s name. 

Our team members speak English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Bassa, Vietnamese, Laotian, Thai, Khmer, and Japanese.

Administration & Finance

Lauren Walker Lee ext. 105 Executive Director
Yasmin Wang – 普通话 ext. 108 Finance Manager
Alex Van Putten ext. 173 Human Resources Associate
Cheryl Hernandez – español ext. 131 Administrative Assistant
Doris Graber ext. 170 Finance Associate
Natalya Fedorets – русский, український ext. 171 Finance Associate
Erika Olson ext. 172 I.T. Technician

Development & Communications

Tim Close ext. 107 Director of Development and Communications
Jordan Woolston ext. 143 Grants Manager
Amanda Mayer ext. 140 Development Associate
Chad Tibayan – ext. 141 Communications Associate

Volunteer Services

Olivia Ash ext. 151 Read2Me Program Coordinator
Alonna Mitz ext. 152 Read2Me Site Coordinator

Client Services

Jason Scales ext. 106 Client Services Director
Audrey Williams ext. 127 Administrative Assistant


Amy Diehr ext. 120 Education Services Manager
Charlene McKenzie ext. 122 Education Services Assistant
Christian Jensen ext. 124 Instructor
Diane Bruckner ext.123 Instructor
Isaac Olson ext. 126 Instructor
Kathleen Jordan ext. 125 Instructor
Julie Skirko Contract Instructor
Karen Schacht Contract Instructor
Linda Wright Contract Instructor
Michelle Wardhaugh Contract Instructor
Thong Sontanasumpun Contract Instructor


Mischa McCann ext. 134 Employment Coach
Tiffany MacFarlane ext. 132 Employment Coach
Diana Parra – español ext.135 Financial Coach
Cheryl Hernandez – español ext. 131 Administrative Assistant
Melody Upton CHEER  Instructor


Yana Cosme – русский ext. 110 Immigration Services Manager (D.O.J. Accredited)
Linh Nguyen – Tiếng Việt ext. 112 D.O.J. Accredited Immigration Specialist
Mari Stiffler – español ext. 114 D.O.J. Accredited Immigration Specialist
Sarah Nuñez – español ext. 113 D.O.J. Accredited Immigration Specialist
Mizuho Lee – 日本語  ext. 115 Data Administrator
Jennifer Monie Contract Instructor (Citizenship)
Susan Dalo Contract Instructor (Citizenship)

We do not disclose our Crime Victim Advocacy team members for their safety and security. If you have experienced a crime, please call our main line at (253) 383-3951 to request an appointment or speak with the next available Advocate