Staff Members By Department

Please call our front desk at 📞 (253) 383-3951 and we will assist you in finding a person to meet your needs. Our staff members speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Laotian, Thai, Cambodian, French, and Japanese.

Front Office

Liz Dunbar – Français Executive Director
Teri Reid Director of Finance and Administration
Becky Lister Accounting Assistant
Doris Graber Accounting Assistant
Bianca Reynaga – Español Administrative Assistant
Diana Pinedo – Español Administrative Assistant/Nighttime Security Clerk
Kohl Anderson I.T. Technician

Development & Communications

Tim Close Director of Development and Communications
Julie Kramer Grants Manager
Amanda Mayer Development and Communications Associate
Kelly Furtado – Português Outreach Coordinator
Danielle Bürch* Communications Associate
Audra Hudson US2 Community Organizer

*Please direct press inquiries to Communications Associate Danielle Bürch at (253) 383-3951 or

Client Services

Jason Scales Client Services Director
Audrey Williams Administrative Assistant


Amy Diehr Education Services Manager
Charlene McKenzie Administrative Assistant (ELA/Employment)
Clara Sciortino Transitions Specialist
Darren Anderson – Español Instructor
Christian Jensen Instructor
Diane Bruckner Instructor
Isaac Olson Instructor


Arrie Dunlap Employment Services Manager
Paul Many – ໄທລາວ, ไทย Job Developer
Latasha Ware Bridge/WorkFirst Case Manager
Mischa McCann Employment Case Manager (LEP)
Stephanie Hopkins Employment Case Manager (CJ)
Beverly Vari Employment Case Manager / Job Developer
Ciara Brown Employment Case Manager / Job Developer
Lorrain Oill AmeriCorps Employment Specialist


Yana Cosme – русский Immigration Services Manager (B.I.A. Accredited)
Mari Stiffler – Español B.I.A. Accredited Immigration Specialist
Svetlana Waer – русский, український B.I.A. Accredited Immigration Specialist
Marina Zhukov – русский B.I.A. Accredited Immigration Specialist
Linh Nguyen – Tiếng Việt B.I.A. Accredited Immigration Specialist
Jesus Pinedo – Español B.I.A. Accredited Immigration Specialist
Laura Romero – Español B.I.A. Accredited Immigration Specialist
Mizuho Lee – 日本語 Data Administrator

Volunteer Services

Karen Thomas Volunteer Services Manager
Shanna Faulkenberry Read2Me Coordinator (Mann and Manitou Park)
Debbie Lind Read2Me Coordinator (McCarver and Lister)
Gabby Vasquez AmeriCorps Read2Me Specialist

⚠ We do not disclose our Client Advocacy personnel for security reasons. If you are the victim of a crime, please call our main line (253-383-3951) and we will transfer you to our Advocacy Department.