Childcare professionals care for a young girl at a daycare.

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Interested in a career in childcare? Our online training program will help you get started!

About the CHEER Program

The program is taught in English and paced for English language learners. It is focused on serving immigrants and refugees, but all are welcome to apply.

  • Earn an Initial Child Care Basics Certificate
  • Find a job in childcare
  • Up to 3 years of financial and employment coaching


This program is available at no cost to participants. TCH covers the cost of instruction, certification, vaccinations, background checks, and support services—valued at over $1,750!

Due to COVID-19, CHEER classes are now online. Once enrolled, students can borrow computers for class. All students will have help from an instructor, a financial coach, and an employment coach.

Contact us today to enroll or ask questions!

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