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Employment Advisory Board

TCH’s employment team makes it a priority to ensure the services we provide to clients and business partners are meeting the expectations of both. Case Managers assist job seekers through resume development, interview strategies, job trainings and more. Upon completion of trainings, job seekers are ready to embark on their journey to employment. TCH’s Job Developers assist clients to find a career that aligns with their goals and is a perfect fit for our business partners.

in 2015, TCH established an Employment Advisory Board to learn how we can most productively engage our clients with our business partners. This collaboration will ensure the trainings we are providing for our clients are relevant, current and on point.

The Employment Advisory Board is made up of our key partners:

  • Kaylee Davis, Concrete Technology Corporation
  • Kristina Kancianich, Home Depot
  • Ivette Rozul, Safeway
  • Lincoln Strand, Cascade Park Vista

During 2016, our employment team and the Employment Advisory Board will meet to discuss a variety of topics including current and projected needs of the workforce, how to establish successful connections between job seekers and employers, and addressing issues like criminal backgrounds.

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Meet Natura

Our employment team helps participants generate a resume, prepare for interviews, find employment, and more. Learn about Natura’s journey to success with help from the employment team.

1.) Where do you work and what do you enjoy most about it?

I currently work as an Outreach Professional at Sound Outreach. What I love most about my job is working with clients and connecting families with programs and benefits.

2.) What is the most important goal that you plan to accomplish?

My goal to acquire full-time employment has been met! Now, my goal is to purchase my first home in the very near future.

3.) Who is your hero and why?

At this time, I can’t say I have hero in my life. What I can say is every individual that makes it one more day, given their unpleasant circumstances, is a hero in my book.

4.) What is the most important thing that you learned from the Employment Program at TCH?

The Employment Program at TCH taught me there are still caring and kind individuals who want to see you succeed regardless of barriers. Additionally, it’s great to work with an organization who offers so much to the community.

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Concrete Technology Corporation Reflection

We value all of our partners. Below is a reflection from Kaylee Davis the HR Manager from Concrete Technology Corporation:

“I truly enjoy working with Tacoma Community House.  TCH was one of the first places Concrete Technology Corporation’s then HR Manager, Virginia Robinson, introduced me to TCH and we continue to call upon you today. Paul, Arrie and other members of your staff have always been gracious in our requests for help with job fairs, community partnerships, and for sharing talented, motivated individuals who have become part of the CTC family, like D. Alan Graham, Malik Masten, Kang Yi, Chhoeurb Chhin, Moumen Zareghi, and Hugo Cornelio to name a few.

Like TCH, Concrete Technology Corporation has long been involved with supporting the local community and we appreciate the help and support TCH gives to its clients/students because in return, we receive employees who are willing and able, and just good people to work with. Without TCH we would really be left with a shortage of skilled individuals in an increasingly tight labor market.”

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