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Employment Advisory Board

TCH’s employment team makes it a priority to ensure the services we provide to clients and business partners are meeting the expectations of both. Case Managers assist job seekers through resume development, interview strategies, job trainings and more. Upon completion of trainings, job seekers are ready to embark on their journey to employment. TCH’s Job Developers assist clients to find a career that aligns with their goals and is a perfect fit for our business partners.

in 2015, TCH established an Employment Advisory Board to learn how we can most productively engage our clients with our business partners. This collaboration will ensure the trainings we are providing for our clients are relevant, current and on point.

The Employment Advisory Board is made up of our key partners:

  • Kaylee Davis, Concrete Technology Corporation
  • Kristina Kancianich, Home Depot
  • Ivette Rozul, Safeway
  • Lincoln Strand, Cascade Park Vista

During 2016, our employment team and the Employment Advisory Board will meet to discuss a variety of topics including current and projected needs of the workforce, how to establish successful connections between job seekers and employers, and addressing issues like criminal backgrounds.

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