Mission and Vision

Tacoma Community House is a nationally-respected, community-based service center for immigrants, refugees, and long-time South Sound residents seeking enrichment and pathways to self-sufficiency. For 108 years, we have helped countless individuals gain the skills they need to transition out of poverty, navigate a new culture, and find personal and professional success.

Many people come to us seeking one type of service and end up discovering and utilizing others, making us one of Tacoma’s most unique “one stop shops.” Annually, we provide 3,800 program services to 3,500 individuals from over 100 countries through our four core programs:

Classes to help adults pass their GED® tests and learn English Array of services to help low-income individuals locate jobs, obtain the proper training, get hired, and stay hired Citizenship classes and an array of immigration services Life-saving and comprehensive services for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, other types of crime


Tacoma Community House creates opportunities for immigrants and other community members in the Puget Sound region through comprehensive services focused on self-sufficiency, inclusion and advocacy.


We are a pathway to change leading to generations of self-sufficient people and a region welcoming of immigrants and refugees. Annually, TCH provides 3,800 program services to 3,500 adults and youth from the U.S. and over 103 other countries.