Giving Tuesday


#GivingTuesday is a global movement of compassion and service on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Tacoma Community House invites you to join us in bringing a little holiday warmth to immigrant and refugee families in need starting Tuesday, November 29th!

How to Get Involved


Make a Donation
It doesn’t matter if you donate $5 or $5,000 — your gift supports vital services for immigrant and refugee families who are in tough situations. Explore our website to learn more about our four core programs, then make your donation here!

share-storyShare Your #MyGivingStory
Part of the #GivingTuesday movement is sharing stories about causes that are important to you. Head over to this page and tell the world why you support Tacoma Community House in 150 words or less. Then post it to our Facebook page with the hashtag #MyGivingStory. Your story could help us win a grant!

refugeesHelp a Local Refugee Family with a “Starter Kit”
Most asylum-seekers come to the U.S. with little more than the clothes on their backs. “Starter kits” can help Tacoma’s newest refugee families build warm, comfortable homes in time for the holidays. Whether you want to get out and create a kit yourself, or simply make an online donation so TCH can purchase kit supplies, here’s what you do:

I want to create a kit myself…

  1. Select a kit from the list below.
  2. Purchase the appropriate items for that kit.
  3. Place the items in a box/container with a lid and label the top with the kit’s name.
  4. Optional: include a handwritten, unsealed ‘welcome letter’ in your kit.
  5. Drop off your completed kit at Tacoma Community House (1314 S. L Street, Tacoma, WA) between Tuesday, Nov. 29th and Tuesday, December 13th. We will donate the kits to Lutheran Community Services, who will take care of final transportation and dispersal.

I want to donate money for kit supplies…

Go to our donation page and select “#GivingTuesday” under “Please direct my donation to.” We will use donations collected this way to purchase kit supplies… in other words, we do the legwork for you!

Kit Name Contents
Kitchen Kit #1
(High demand!)
Plates (6), bowls (6), cups (6), mugs (6), silverware (for 6-8 people), silverware tray, towels (2), potholders (2), paper towels and holder, hand soap, trash can, trash bags
Kitchen Kit #2
(High demand!)
Mixing bowls (2-3), plastic storage containers, frying pan, large pot with lid, small pot with lid, baking dishes (glass or ceramic), cutting board, large carving knife, smaller carving knife, spatula, can opener
Personal Care Kit Toothbrushes (4-6), toothpaste (2), shampoo (2), conditioner (2), deodorant (4), bars of soap (3), razors (2), shaving cream (2), feminine hygiene pads, toilet paper rolls (6+)
Cleaning Kit Mop and bucket, broom and dustpan, pack of sponges, bottle of all-purpose cleaning spray, toilet brush, dish soap, laundry detergent, light bulbs, paper towel rolls (2), tissue boxes (2)
Bathroom Kit Bath towels (4), hand towels (4), washcloths (6-8), shower curtain (and rings), hand soap, toilet paper rolls (6+), small waste basket
Baby Care Kit Diapers, baby wipes, any small baby items you’d like to include (e.g., onesies, bottles, rattles, pacifiers) (Note: Choose an age or size and label the kit!)
Welcome/ Comfort Kit Teapot and tea, WA state calendar, WA state map, scented jar candle, matches/lighter, blanket, “Welcome” doormat, notebooks, pens, chocolate

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