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Solving the Puzzle

TweetWhen Stacy Hartley, a single mom, first came to Tacoma Community House through the Basic Food Employment and Training (BFET) program, she had just graduated from Tacoma Community College with …

Worth Celebrating

TweetBy Andy Boynton, Volunteer As a certified nursing assistant at a Tacoma retirement home and a student in the Central Service/Sterile Processing program at Clover Park Technical College, Yuridia De …

United in Song: The Tacoma choir that welcomes refugees with music

United in Song: The Tacoma choir that welcomes refugees with music

Sept. 8, 2016 | By Rosemary Ponnekanti

It’s not your average choir. Tacoma’s Community House Choir does “Do Re Mi” and Michael Jackson, sings in Arabic and Kurdish and welcomes refugees by singing with them. And director Erin Guinup wants it to inspire others – beginning with citizenship ceremonies for National Welcome Week. 

Meet Lillia

LilliaMeet one of our ESL students, Lillia, and learn about her journey to the United States. 

My name is Lillia. I was born in Ukraine, but now I live in the US in Tacoma. I came here on July 17, 2013. I currently work as a housekeeper and study at TCH.

I never thought about moving from my country, but my husband filled out the application for a Green Card. Coming to the US was always his dream. Then one day we received a letter that told us that my husband had won his green card. I need to say that in my country I had a beautiful house and a good job, so for a long time I didn’t want to move. However, my husband and my two sons really wanted to move to the US.  I agreed to move for my family.

I would like to share that I have lived here for two years, and I have never regretted it. The US is a great country. I like the phrase, ‘’America is the land of opportunity.’’ Because it’s true!

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