About Us

Tacoma Community House (TCH), a nonprofit organization, provides services to refugees, immigrants, and English speaking adults and youth. Founded in 1910, TCH was created to provide assistance for immigrant communities in Tacoma and increase understanding between neighbors. Over the years, TCH has contributed to the livelihoods of nearly every ethnic group that has called Tacoma home with over 3,000 participants served from well over 90 different countries of origin just last year. We serve a unique niche in the community as a provider of high quality services to the nation's newest refugees and immigrants. 

In over 100 years of service, Tacoma Community House has achieved many important benchmarks and accomplishments. From hosting Tacoma’s first baby clinic, to holding the first organized kindergarten class, to hiring the first African American teacher, TCH has achieved many “firsts” in our community. TCH offers many free services to our participants, ranging from adult education, to bilingual job assistance, from youth programming to on-the-job training. All of our programs focus on developing practical skills in our participants so they can become self-sufficient. We invite you to explore our history, find out who we serve, and see how you can help us embrace the diversity of the world in Tacoma.

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